Zach Weckstein, producer of the soon to be released movie ‘The Host’ shares his 5 things to do today

1. I like starting my day returning calls and reaching out and networking with new people in all industries. Also, enjoy staying in touch with my rolodex of filmmakers. I find it’s a great way to come up with new ideas. Good conversations with both people in and outside of the film industry can bring out new ideas and it’s just as important to listen and provide ideas to others. Discussing life, the news as well as film shop talk are all great to get the creative juices flowing. I find conversations where I can critically discuss ideas a very positive way to start the day.

2. Walking. I have always enjoyed walking and rely on long walks to think things through, and can use this time for my creative thoughts to evolve. I started long walks when I was young both for exercise and sightseeing, and am comfortable walking for hours. I find it calms and relaxes me as well as can motivate and get me super energised when formulating creative new ideas. I like walking at any hour and during any season, alone or with friends and family, through tree lined paths, at the beach, alongside historical city sites, they are all enjoyable. There are times when I’m walking with headphones listening to music and this highlights everything around me into a live production.

3. Time alone. All these daily habits are valuable, and time alone without distractions is a necessity to let my creative ideas float around in my mind. I like to keep a pad of paper and pen in several areas so that when an idea comes to mind, I can jot it down. Without any noise filling my head, this really gives me time to think outside of the box. There is a lot of time required for business correspondence, and time alone helps me to stay on track with my thoughts and goals, and crucial for my personal creativity.

4. Watching films. In my youth, I had 5 new films in VHS format delivered weekly, and I watched new and old cinema film releases.  Still today, I’m a religious movie cinema goer and believe there are films that must be watched on the big screen and with the whole big screen experience. I enjoy being totally submerged, and with phones and computers off and the smell of popcorn. I think VoD and streaming and viewing at home provides a different experience but can be very satisfying. Watching films for me includes using all my senses as part of the experience. Every film that I like I have watched several times and still will become truly caught up in the story as well as its technical aspects.

5. For a really perfect day, I like to do something fun! This can be anything from ice-skating to glow-in-the-dark miniature golf or visiting with family and friends over a good meal.  Because I have a seven-day-a-week workweek, I incorporate fun and adventure wherever I may be working. My work is my favourite hobby, and it’s always fun, always something new. Zachary Weckstein’s new international feature film ’The Host’ has been released in North America the 17th January 2020 and will be coming out in the U.K. on 17th April 2020, and releases worldwide in all countries to follow.

THE HOST is available on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple TV, Microsoft Movies and TV and Fandango Now from 17th April. Pre-order now on iTunes

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