5 ways to be kind today by Debbie Deegan – Founder of children’s charity ‘To Children With Love’

If I was to offer advice on kindness, we all are more powerful than we think, we can all achieve far more than we realize…small gestures really can change lives…in my case one simple gesture, without me realizing, a kiss, caused ripples that went on to change many, many young lives.
Here are some things I am doing and maybe others may think about, we all need to share our ideas with each other…

1. A kind word or a smile to a stranger can change someone’s day.
2. Send your favourite charity 2\3\4\5 pounds, they desperately need it.
3. Text someone you fell out with at some point, it is time for forgiveness.
4. Be kind to yourself, read, paint even if you are not artistic, walk in the sunrise charge your batteries, turn off the media. 
5. Be kind to our world…take an hour today to sit and make a list of the changes we all need to make so we do not always get what we always got virus after virus. In order to save our beautiful planet, we no longer have a choice to abuse it, as we were. Start with a simple list. Buy less lipsticks, eat less meat, take less flites, walk to places more, buy less but better, we have to change and we can, or we will see carnage ahead. We can develop our lists over time. If we write it down, we are 7 times more likely to do it.

Debbie Deegan in her own words ‘Stubborn, single-minded, determined, diplomatic, fearless, tireless, never takes no for an answer, teambuilder, changemaker, speaker and author‘.

She has created DDPK, Debbie Deegans Pink Kitchen, her own popular “TV Channel” on Social media, chatting to very colourful people all over the world, daily from her kitchen about the changes we need to make going forward, post-Covid’.  

Her TEdX Kingston talk is below: