80’s legend Joe Longthorne are amongst today’s 5 things as well as Tim Ferris and the importance of a strong morning routine

  1. Eccles cakes may not jump out at you when you are thinking to have something with your morning coffee or afternoon tea however the M&S Handcrafted ones are beautiful and well worth a try. 12 minutes in the oven.
  2. The entertainer Joe Longthorne passed away yesterday and although he may have been forgotten by many the video below of ‘Dont cry out loud’ is definitely worth a watch and after a few glasses of wine may even bring you to tears.
  3. Download a Frank Skinner Podcast as on Absolute radio. This is well worth a listen. Frank’s observation on everyday life and stories of celebrities he has met continues to entertain. This easy listen will make you chuckle.
  4. Develop a strong morning routine. Tim Ferris has an excellent video on this. In simple terms you have to develop a morning routine that works for you. These are usually things you do as soon as you wake up and usually before you start your day for real. Video is below.
  5. Entertain your toddler by watching the dolphin fountain at the Trafford Centre, Manchester. This impressive water feature spews water high in the air. Listen to the gasps of excitement.