Have you tried Jeff Galloway’s run walk method for running? Also 5 minute Journalling in today’s five

Here are today’s selection.

  1. Enjoy a Lasagna and Birra Morreti at Averna Italian restaurant in Molesey. This restaurant sits nicely in a town that could do with more good quality classic restaurants.
  2. Use Jeff Galloway’s run walk method for a quick jog in your local area. If you are daunted by running or have an injury then Galloway’s running method is well worth a look. He has several books and apps out but his website is pretty good and gives you tips and techniques as well as the all important run walk ratios.
  3. We were first introduced to Gordon’s pink gin on a Thomson’s Flight to Gran Canaria. Gordon’s gin might not be as go to as it once was but we thought that this gin was excellent. A 12 pack of small bottles would make a superb present.
  4. Register to vote. Impressed by the ease in which you can send NOCHANGE to Elmbridge Borough Council informing them of who is eligible to vote. No post, no login just a simple text message to the number they give you. This is this easiest it had ever been.
  5. Download the 5 minute journal from your app store. This brilliant happiness app from Intelligent change had the potential to put you in a better place. 5 minutes of journalling before the day starts and 5 minutes just before you go to bed should help. There is also a 6 monthly hard version available.