July 15

4 21st Century Health Trends Coming Your Way

There are many health and wellness benefits that we can receive as technology and knowledge continue to advance in the 21st century. In fact, much of the health sector is set to be transformed over the next few years. A topic you can read all about in the post below.

Video doctors

One of the smartest health trends that is likely to become popular in the UK is the introduction of video doctor services. The being where instead of having to struggle to get an appointment at your local GP, you can instead hope on to an online portal and select a time that day that is convenient for you. Something that means you don’t even need to leave your home to get seen.

In fact, such a service isn’t just available for private patients, as the NHS are also currently trailing it in select areas of the country as well. Something that means it could soon be an option for everyone, and allow you to get your NHS prescriptions much more easily as well.

Increased range of medicines

We have come to expect better and more effective treatments and medicines as time progresses, and indeed a great deal of money and person power is being sunk into exploring how new discoveries and tech can be integrated into the treatment of many diseases, and disorders.

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In fact, one such example of this is the cure for blindness that medical researchers have recently developed that involved sending digital visual message directly to the optical receivers in the brain. Something that essentially bypasses the eyes altogether, yet still shows those that previously have not had sight, the images they wish to see!

Then there is the way that plants are supporting modern medicine both as complementary therapies, and as new compounds and ingredients are being found all of the time, Some of which can significantly help alleviate dangerous diseases like cancer, as well as chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression, and pain.

Back to breathe basics

Another smart trend that we are currently seeing in the field of health is a move back to the basics of wellness, something that includes stripping things right back and even focusing on how we breathe.

In fact, while we see breathing as an automatic function of our bodies, we can control this, and doing so can be a fantastic way to calm stress, and boost mood. A topic you can read more about here.

3D printing applications

Finally, when it comes to 21st-century trends in medicine, one that cannot be ignored is the advanced use of 3D printing. Of course, right now, this is focused on external applications such as prosthetic limbs and casts for breaks.

Although, there are also researchers working on international applications as well as including being able to 3D print organs from cells taken from the patient’s own body. Something that can significantly reduce the risk of rejection, and so could revolutionize the transparent field entirely in the not too distant future.