July 15

Top Cybersecurity Roles

A job in cybersecurity is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to ensure they have plenty of opportunities in the future. The job market for cybersecurity is growing, with a variety of different roles available to explore. If you’re interested in working in the field, take a look at these examples.

Security Consultant

Security consultants provide general security advice for organisations and help to implement IT security strategies. They help to take care of day-to-day tasks required, which can vary depending on the size of the organisation. They can do many things, from choosing security products to addressing incidents.

Chief Information Security Officer

The role of CISO is a senior role that involves leading a security team. They help to develop strategy that will prevent cybercrime and have a team of security experts to help them. They create a strategic security plan and help to monitor security systems to ensure good performance.

Incident Responder

An incident responder has the task of responding to security incidents to find their cause and minimize their impact. It’s their job to address any alerts as soon as possible so that any problems can be taken care of quickly.

Computer Forensics Expert

A computer forensics expert takes on an investigative role to perform tasks like conducting security incident investigations. They analyze data, compile evidence and can even give advice to law enforcement. The role requires an analytical mind, and is usually one found at large companies like legal firms or government bodies.

Working in cyber security can mean working for many types of organisation, from the government to private business of all types.

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