March 28


5 Things To Do When Travelling Solo #Travel #Life #solotravel

The trend and appeal of solo travelling is fast growing in today’s society, thanks to the stresses of our day-to-day lives. Travelling alone is an experience which is one of a kind and it can often be a relief to discover who we really are. The very fact of being alone is one which forces so many solo travellers to step away what they know and delve into something completely new whilst amongst strangers in a new land.

There are so many advantages to travelling on your own – you can choose your own destinations and experiences without having to compromise or consult with someone else and you can set the dates, budgets and planned itinerary. But, before you get emerged in the whole solo-travel, here are 5 things which you must do and prepare for when travelling solo.

Go For Dinner On Your Own

When you’re travelling on your own, it can often seem intuitive to just grab food on the go or stock up your backpack with snacks, but there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a meal on your own. At first, it may seem intimidating sat in a restaurant on your own but there are many different things you can do to make the whole experience seem less intense at first.

Try and seek out places which are more casual and allow you to eat at the bar rather than at a table in the middle of the restaurant – bartenders love a chat! No matter where you choose, you can enjoy a great meal without the debate beforehand.

Ignore Your Map App

If you’re searching for a certain address or destination, then you should use it if you can’t navigate there solo. But, if you’re just searching the streets of an amazing city with no real plans and are just staring down at your phone, then you should get rid of it straight away. You should be looking at and admiring things which are not on your phone. You don’t need to turn it off, but instead, just put it safely away. Spend an hour or so just randomly taking new directions – you may find something completely wonderful.

Don’t Feel Like You Need To Stay In Hostels

Perhaps one of the most common pieces of advice for solo travellers is to stay in a hostel or communal living area during your travels. Sure, they are much cheaper and you get to meet new people, but nothing quite beats the comfort of a hotel when you are exhausted or just want to relax a little. Spending months alone whilst travelling often leaves you in need of a little rest and relaxation and a place to desensitise and unwind, plus a hotel is a much safer place to store your belongings.

Pack Some Luxuries

If you plan on being away from home for months on end, there will be times where you just want some small comforts of home. You’re likely to be carrying your travelling possessions all in one backpack, so you don’t want things which take up too much room. If you are staying in hostels, you never know what the bed situation is going to be like, so pack a soft pillowcase to use when you’re staying somewhere which is a little less desirable.

If you plan on travelling around a lot, then pack a travelling pillow so that if you aren’t sleeping well, you can get some shut-eye on the go or an eye mask so that no matter the time of day you can relax and just get some peace for a while. Other things, such as soft socks, a good toothpaste and paracetamol will all come in handy at some point during your trip and provide you with a little well-needed break.

Try Not To Be Too Ambitious

When you set off for your travels, you can soon get wrapped up in it all and make reservations left, right and centre. This is totally unrealistic and can soon lead to unnecessary stress or tiredness. When you are just arriving at a new destination or are stressing about catching a flight or train, be easy on yourself. You need things to go well so don’t try and plan too much around these times.