March 20

5 things you can do with plastic to improve your home

While plastic usually has a bad reputation, there are many uses when recycled properly. As we grow to a more reusable future and plastic being a suitable reusable material, it has its positives from customising your home, to being more pro-active in your garden. The possibilities are endless with recyclable plastic – Here are some we’ve put together

  1. Recycled Plastic supply cups

After drinking a fizzy drink, or water – don’t throw away the plastic bottle! Make plastic bottle cups instead. From holding your pens and other supplies; like paperclips and loose staple pins. Impress your kids or even co-workers with your recyclable supply cups.

  • Mini plant garden

Why waste money on brand new plant pots? Instead, carefully cut in half a plastic bottle and add in your seeds and compost. It’s a fun, creative way to be more diverse with your free time and you’re also saving the planet. Well done, you.

  •  Plastic foam for home insultation

Plastic foam insultation (SPF) and other insultation (Polyiso and XPS) are great solutions to insultations in the home. Of course, this does mean calling in a professional to get this job done. But your home will thank you for it.

  • Kitchen Plastic splashbacks

Instead of spending loads of money on a fancy splashback. Why not stick up a sheet of plastic for half the price? Plastic can provide a variety of colours and sizes. It is the best alternative to expensive splashbacks being easy to clean and sturdy.

  • Acrylic mirrors

While glass mirrors can be expensive, especially for large home projects, like mirrored wardrobes – Using an acrylic mirror, not only being less expensive, and easy to fit – these types of mirrors are stronger, more efficient as they use a plastic base which is mostly likely recycled from other plastic material.