January 11

5 Things You Can Do To Sell Your Home Faster


Selling your house can be an incredibly overwhelming process, but this is made so much worse when you need to move home quickly. Perhaps you’ve got a new job across the country or have a baby on the way and need somewhere bigger. Whatever your reason, it can be tough. You’ll wait around for days hoping for someone to make an offer, leading to major disappointment if no one does. To help speed the process along a little, here are five things that you should do.

Clean Up And Declutter

A cluttered and dirty home won’t appeal to anyone who views it. It will seem as though it hasn’t been taken care of very well, leading potential buyers to wonder how many other problems the property has. Clutter can also make a space appear very small, which will prove to be an issue later. Because of this, you should spend a few days cleaning your house from top to bottom. Ensure you throw away anything you don’t want and put some other things into storage.

Make Necessary Home Improvements

A broken tile in the bathroom or a leaking tap in the kitchen may not bother you too much, but it can put off your viewers. With that in mind, you should make a list of any home improvements you may need to make and start tackling them right away. Some sellers take this as an opportunity to boost the value of their home, but you should be careful if you plan to do the same. Some improvements, although they increase value, aren’t worth the money you spend on them.

Work With A Professional

Using a professional real estate agent is always better than trying to sell your home yourself. After all, the process is costly and complicated, and will only be made more so if you have no one that knows what they’re doing. However, it’s important that you choose the right realtor for you. They should have a real estate licence and plenty of referrals from previous clients. They should also use the latest marketing techniques to bring in a large number of viewers.


Leave Them To It

You have to pay your realtor to do their job, so make sure that you leave them to do it. When people come to view your home, the last thing that they want is you following them in every room. This can be incredibly off-putting, causing them to leave before they’ve got a good look of the place. Instead of hanging around, you should go out for a few hours and leave your estate agent to show them around. Just make sure you’re available for questions when they’re done.

Sell During The Spring

When you need to move unexpectedly, you have no control over when that it. However, if you’ve been thinking about moving for a while, you should put off the process until spring rolls around. While there are people, who will buy homes whatever the time of year, spring is the season that sees the most sales, as the weather is fair, making moving much easier. For this reason, you should consider putting your house on the market just before March and April.

Selling your home is often a stressful ordeal, but doing so quickly is that much worse. To make the experience easier for everyone, keep calm and follow the helpful tips above.