5 Things to Do When Moving Home

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Moving house can be an extremely difficult and daunting process. After all, you’re quite literally packing your life up in boxes and moving everything from somewhere you’re very used to and comfortable in to somewhere completely new. However, there are a few things that you can do to make the journey from A to B as convenient and stress-free as possible. Here are a few to consider!

Start Packing Well in Advance

So many people try to leave their packing as last minute as possible. This is understandable. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you need access to some of your belongings before the moving date, but find that they are packed away and you’re not quite sure where. This can cause chaos in the form of having to unpack everything until you find what you are looking for. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should leave all of your packing until the last minute. Find items that you don’t get regular use from and pack them well in advance. Just leave the absolute essentials until last.

Book Professional Removals

You should book the help of professional moving services like Grange Removals as soon as you know your moving date. Many people tend to put this part of the moving process off, as they think they can book at any time. But you don’t want to leave things too late, only to find that moving day comes around and all of your local services are busy, leaving you to shift everything yourself. Professional removals ensure that all of your belongings (including large items like furniture and kitchen appliances) make their way from your previous property to your new property in ship shape.

Throw a Leaving Party

Once your belongings are all packed and out of the way, you might want to consider hosting a leaving party. There isn’t a better to host an event with all of your friends and family. After all, everything you own is safely aside and can’t get damaged or dirtied. It’s also a great opportunity to say your temporary goodbyes if you are heading further afield and might not see certain people for a little while.

Introduce Yourself to Your New Neighbours

When you arrive at your new property, it’s always a good idea to introduce yourself to the neighbours. There are so many benefits to getting on with the people in your street. Not only will you have a supportive network of people around you, which is comforting in a new area, but it also means there are more eyes on your property while you are out of the house or on holiday. Your neighbours can alert you to problems or disturbances!

Get Spare Keys Cut

When we move into a new home, we tend to be given one set of keys. But it’s a good idea to get a spare set cut as soon as possible. This can prevent problems with accidentally getting locked out.

These are just a few things that you should incorporate into your home move. They will make the entire process a lot more fluid and stress-free!