December 12

5 Things You Need To Winterize Your Car

Winter is very quickly approaching, which means that you have a lot to prepare. Not only do you need to buy in a new winter wardrobe, you need to sort your house out and – most importantly – your car needs to be well prepared.

Your car is your method of getting out to work and getting out into the world, and you cannot predict the weather or the impact it will have on the roads out there. If you don’t make sure that your car is well-prepared for the winter months, it won’t just be your car that’s in jeopardy. It’s life or death when it comes to winterizing your car, and we’ve got five things that you could be doing to get ready, get set and get safe this winter.

White Suv on Road Near Snow Covered Trees

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Check Your Defrosting & Heating

The defroster is the part of your car that eliminates moisture that condenses on your windshield. This is also the frustrating stuff that makes it difficult to see in the morning as you warm up the car. Fogging may be common in the winter, but if you have a working defroster you can minimise it. You should also have your heating checked over, because no one likes to get frostbite on their toes while they wait for the car to heat up.

Change The Oil

Did you know that the cold weather limits how effective your oil is? It thickens it, which makes it difficult to circulate around the engine and without that, your car cannot drive to the highest potential.

Check Your Brakes

On icy roads, you cannot afford to have brakes that aren’t gripping well and worn down brake pads mean an accident waiting to happen. By investing in EBC brakes, you can ensure that the car is up to date for the colder months. There shall be no slip sliding away this winter if you have your brakes set and ready.

Keep The Gas Tank Full

If you let your gas run down to almost empty, you’re going to risk the tank freezing over. The shifting temperatures make it easy for condensation to form on the inside of the gas tank – not something you want! Keeping the tank full can mean that you won’t be left with condensation that freezes your fuel lines.

Winter Windshield Installation

There are winter wiper blades that are far better equipped for the snow and icy roads than the regular blades, and the one thing that you don’t want is to be stuck in a snowstorm with the wrong kind of blades. Switching to winter windshields and winter wiper fluid that is designed not to freeze is a much better way of ensuring your windshield stays clear.

Winterizing your car is something that you have to do as soon as the cold season sets in, because if you do, you’re going to be as safe as possible on the road. Your car deserves the right treatment and if you put a little cash into it, you get just that.