5 Ways To Raise Quick Cash For Christmas

Quick cash this Christmas? You don’t say! Image via Pexels.

The festive season definitely rolls around quickly, and with just six weeks to go until the day itself, it’s time to start getting organised, if you haven’t already. A lot of people risk going into debt during the Christmas period, as they haven’t been able to save in the run up or time has run away with them. It’s a miserable way to start the new year, so a better solution may be to raise a bit of extra cash to fund the expense of the season. It’s not too late to dedicate December to making some extra money so you can avoid pulling out your credit card – here are some ideas to get you started…

Have a Seasonal Declutter


The quickest way to boost your cash flow is by selling some things that you no longer use. Most of us have too much clutter and are surrounded by possessions that we aren’t really using – streamlining your life has many mental benefits, so it could be a double whammy to do some decluttering. Check out Gumtree, Vinted for clothes and accessories, your local Facebook selling groups, community notice boards and car boot sales for places to sell your items. Or if you have something bigger to sell you may need a specialist outlet, such as We Want Your Motorbike, who will make you an offer. You could even have a clear out of old games, CDs and books in bulk. Use an app like Ziffit and you can simply scan in the bar codes and post them off for money – sole will even collect from you if you have enough to sell.

Sign Up For Surveys

If you’re looking for a way that you can make money from your smartphone or laptop, signing up for online surveys can be a quick earner. You simply answer questions from the comfort of your sofa, and although you don’t earn huge amounts per survey, if you dedicate an evening or two a week to it, you can make a decent amount to balance out the extra Christmas spending. You can make a couple of hundred a month, and some let you take the amount in gift vouchers from big retailers- this is a great idea as the money doesn’t get swallowed up elsewhere.

Get Busy With A Task App

There’s a whole new wave of apps that pay if you do small research tasks on the go, using your smartphone. They are usually things like mystery shopping, taking pictures of advertising displays or checking stock, so if you are out and about a lot, or live near a big shopping centre, it could be something extra for you. Apps like Field Agent can help you top up your income in this way.

Wander The Web

If wandering the virtual landscape is more possible for you than roaming the high street, you can also sign up to do some website testing. Take a browse of a site or an app and then report back on how you found the experience. The good news is you don’t need to be a technical expert, the sites want to know about user experience for an average customer. You’ll need to download some capture software that records your screen, but it can be a good way to make some money for a quick browse.

Look For Temp Work

If you have a few hours spare, you could consider a temporary job in the run up to the festive season – there are plenty of them around. Promotions and product testing tend to ramp up at this time of year and they frequently recruit seasonal workers. Equally, large retailers require extra support with stock and even Royal Mail seasonal work to sort parcels or delivering for other courier companies.