November 17


5 Things To Remember When Starting Your Own Courier Company

People are buying more products than ever online which means there is plenty of work out there for courier companies. The big companies will use the well-established services so you’re not going to win the business of Amazon. But there are thousands of online shops out there and the smaller ones often prefer the more personal service of a smaller courier company. That means you can make some good money if you start up your own courier service. But it’s not easy and you’ll need to beat the competition, so consider these things when you’re getting set up.

Image From Pixabay

Picking The Right Vehicle

Environmental issues are incredibly important to most consumers these days. That means businesses will want to deal with a courier service that considers their impact on the environment. That’s why picking the right vehicle is so important. You need something that doesn’t use too much fuel so you can reduce your business’s impact on the environment and save yourself a lot of money at the same time. Find something that has good fuel consumption and even consider electric cars if you can afford it.

Getting Insurance

Insurance is essential in this business because if you get into an accident or any of the parcels you’re delivering get damaged, you’ll end up paying for it. Before you start doing any deliveries, get some insurance for van drivers and some liability insurance. That way, you won’t end up having to pay out for replacements if any packages get damaged in transit and you can get your vehicles up and running soon if you get into an accident.

Use A Tracking Service

People are very impatient when they’re waiting for packages, especially as a lot of big companies offer next day delivery. They want to know exactly when their package is going to arrive which is why it’s so important that you’ve got a good tracking service. Customers are going to get frustrated if they can’t check up on the status of their package.

Get The Right Safety Equipment

There are quite a few health and safety dangers involved in deliveries that you need to be aware of. Any larger parcels are a hazard because you could put your back out lifting them. That’s why you need to get the right safety equipment and follow good practices. You need trolleys to carry those heavier items so you don’t strain yourself.

Market Yourself Properly

Marketing a courier business is tough because there is a lot of competition out there. You should be doing all of the normal stuff like setting up a website and social media page, but you’ll get the best results by going direct to the customer. Try to find some local online sellers and get in touch with them. Ask about who they’re using at the moment and what kind of prices they’re paying. When you’re first starting out, you’ll probably need to undercut your competitors to get the business going.

Make sure you get all of these elements right when you’re starting up your own courier company and it’ll be a big success.