September 11


Things To Do That Will Motivate You To Exercise

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We all know that exercise is good for us, and yet many of us still find excuses not to do it. Here are 5 ways in which you can motivate yourself to follow through with that workout.
Set yourself clear goal
Most people exercise to lose weight or as a physical challenge. However, these aren’t specific enough goals. To truly help you lose weight, you need a target that you can aim for. This could be a running event that you want to be able to complete or a dress that you want to be able to fit into. These are tangible goals that you can more easily work towards. On top of having one big end goal, you should also consider setting micro-goals from week to week to help spur you on – these will offer you with a more short-term objective.
Record your progress
If you’re not recording your progress, you won’t have any idea as to how you’re improving. Make a point of recording your workout results from week to week so that you can improve. You could record this via an app, start a fitness blog or simply record it as private notes – whatever motivates you the most. Some people love to take photographs, whilst others may be happy with some notes on their phone.
Vary up your workout
Whilst you should have an exercise routine, you don’t want to stick to it to religiously from week to week, otherwise you could start to grow bored with it. Find new ways to spice up your workout, even if it’s just a single new exercise that you’re incorporating into your routine. This will ensure that each workout is a bit different so that you don’t feel it’s become a dull chore.
Invest in some fresh exercise gear
Having the right clothing to exercise in can make you feel more confident and more comfortable. Consider looking into exercise gear such as track and field uniforms that could help to improve your workout. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on exercise equipment, but you do want to wearing something suitable.
Buddy up (or go solo)
If you don’t have the motivation to exercise alone, you could always consider finding a workout buddy to exercise with. A workout buddy could help to spur you on and get you out of the house when you’re feeling lazy. Similarly, you can spur them on when they’re having a lazy day. Ideally you want to exercise with somebody on a similar level as you.
For a bit of a challenge, pit yourself against the kids. You can get much of the same outdoor gym equipment for schools for your home or you can find them in local parks. This can become a great weekend adventure for the whole family.
Alternatively, if you already exercise with someone as this isn’t working, you could try exercising alone. Some people may find that an exercise buddy holds them back or pushes them too hard – by exercising alone you could find that you’re able to set your own pace and get better results. Consider the option that is best for you.