5 things to do before starting to study Eduqas A -Level Physics #eduqas #physics #alevel


Download the specification and save it somewhere safe. This is the bottom of line of what you need to know. You may also find the teacher’s handbook useful to which gives more information and more specific information.


Keep handy the terms, definitions and units document. This will need to be referred throughout the course. The definitions need to be learnt precisely.


Have a look at the lab book to see which practicals and experiments you will be doing throughout the course. Of course, you will be probably doing more but these are the ones that are required.


It may be worth signing up to an A level video tutorial resource such as A Level Physics Online. These are a great source of reference to make summary notes outside the lessons. Not all have an Eduqas dedicated section so look choose your resource carefully.


Past Paper questions will be one of your main keys to success and the website physics and maths tutor is an excellent place to start. You will find a plethora of papers here carefully honed and selected for Eduqas (WJEC England).