August 09


6 Signs You’re Ready To Get Married

Do you get a feeling that you’re ready to get married? Maybe you’re not so sure if that’s what it means – or maybe you feel like you’ll never be ready to take the plunge. People who never thought about marriage can suddenly feel ready to tie the knot, although the reasons why remain unclear. Maybe it’s becoming older. Maybe it’s becoming wiser. Maybe it’s just wanting to settle down with somebody nice. Who knows? If you’re not sure what stage you’re at right now, look out for the following 6 signs. If you can spot them, then you’re probably ready to get married.


  1. You’re With The Right Person

Do you know you’re with the right person? It can take some people a while to figure out whether they want to marry somebody or not, and that’s fine. Marriage is a big commitment. You might know you want to marry somebody after a year and make the commitment. It make take you 5 years or more. What matters is that you’re with the right person. You should have similar values, ideals, and goals for the future. If you find yourself looking at these Tacori Wedding Rings from Whiteflash and wondering which one they would like the best, then it’s a pretty big sign you’re with the right person.

2. You’re Motivated By Love

There are many reasons aside from love somebody may feel motivated to get married. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Love is the one true reason that a person should want to get married. Nothing else.

3. You Can Talk About The Tough Stuff

Being able to communicate and talk about the tough stuff with your partner, without arguing is important. Finances is one big sore point for many couples, and many find that they can’t discuss them without having an argument. If you can, it could be the right person and the right time.

4. You Don’t Have Any Doubts

Doubts are normal sometimes, so they don’t always mean that you’re in the wrong relationship. However, if you’re plagued by doubts, it may be time to rethink the whole thing and have some time away. If you can’t find a single doubt, then what’s stopping you?

5. This Feels Like A Grown Up Relationship

Can you communicate freely? Are you free from jealousy and other issues that many couples face? It could be a sign you’re ready!

6. You’re Like Another Member Of Their Family

Do you fit in seamlessly with this person’s family? If you do, and you like them and get on with them for the most part, it could be time to make the commitment.

Remember, marriage is a lifestyle choice, and not a requirement. Nothing says that you absolutely have to get married. Don’t feel pressure to do something that doesn’t suit you, your personality, or your lifestyle. Get married because you like what it stands for, you love your partner, and you know that you can both live happily together (for the most part) in the future. You can be with somebody forever without getting married, as long as that’s what your partner wants too!