Why your Marketing could be better

Think about how much money you have funneled into your business this year, now think about how much of that has gone towards marketing. Bearing in mind we’re already well over half way through the year, your marketing expenses should be well into the thousands. Now, if it’s not, you’re probably not putting in enough effort with your marketing campaigns, and that’s one thing we want to discuss today. If you have put thousands into your campaigns, but you’re not really seeing the results that you need to see, then your marketing techniques probably suck. It’s hard to grasp it, and getting it right so that you’re actually engaging with the customers in a way that’s going to drive them towards your website is never easy. But, spending so much money and watching it go to waste isn’t either, so we’ve got a few ideas why your marketing might such, and how you can do something about it.

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You Haven’t Got The Funds

If you simply haven’t been putting enough money into marketing, then you’re not going to get enough out. Yes, we agree that money isn’t everything when it comes to marketing, and a lot of it is a combination of the money that you spend, and the techniques that you spend it on. So, the first thing we want to advise you to do is have a budget rethink. If you know you’re not spending enough money on marketing, and you’re perhaps pocketing more than needed, then try putting more into marketing for a few months. Couple it with various techniques, and we know you’re going to be able to bring in so many more customers than you usually would. If you simply haven’t got the funds to put more into it, then get your research head on. Using powerful techniques such as social media marketing is free, and after a few months of building a following and exposure, you will be bringing in more customers, and it is something that you can do yourself!

You Haven’t Explored Techniques

There’s a magnitude of different techniques out there, and we could put money on the fact that most of you only use the same one or two techniques. PPC is one of the ones that people try further down the line, but the sooner you get into it, the sooner you can generate leads. If you contact a PPC company who does marketing, they’ll be able to get the ball rolling for you. PPC works by you paying a fee each time your advert is clicked, but the conversion should bring you in enough profit so that the PPC price isn’t high enough to break the bank!

Your Campaigns Are Weak

If the campaign that you’re running is weak, you’re never going to get the reach that you want to do. You need to expose your brand in a way that’s going to draw the customers in, not allow them to scroll past as if you never existed. So,