July 20


5 Changes To Really Boost Your Diesel Car’s Performance

The rugged, reliable, and powerful feel of a diesel engine are part of what attracts so many drivers to invest in vehicles that are often more expensive than petrol cars. To make up for that expense, you want to ensure you’re getting all the power you deserve. For that reason, we’re taking a closer look at five improvements you can make that can provide a real difference to your diesel’s performance.


A tune-up

Regular maintenance is an essential part of preserving the performance of any vehicle. The most important maintenance for your diesel engine is getting it tuned up. Make sure that you’re visiting mechanics who know the specific anatomy and needs of a diesel engine, and a particular specialization in your car’s manufacturer, if possible. A tune-up eliminates inefficiencies from the engine, reduces stress on the components, and can ensure that the mix of fuel and oxygen is as well-balanced as possible.

Fuel injectors

Your fuel injectors are a crucial part of ensuring that your vehicle has all the horsepower it needs. Fuel injectors don’t necessarily increase the horsepower. But the larger their flow rate, the more horsepower they are able to support. If you have old or inadequate fuel injectors, specialist stores like Pure Diesel Power can help you upgrade or replace them. Otherwise, your engine may surpass the horsepower capacity of the existing injectors, essentially hobbling your car’s performance.

A cold air intake system

Your engine burns a mix of fuel and oxygen, creating the ignition that drives the car. Adding a cold air intake can help you feed more oxygen, which helps you consume less fuel for every ignition. But, as How Stuff Works shows, the temperature of the air is a vital part of the equation, too. Cooler air contains more oxygen, which means that your machine gets more efficient, increase airflow, and cools the engine at the same time, allowing you to push it farther.

Upgraded exhausts

They are not just for show. Exhausts play a key role in the performance of the diesel engine and are often the quickest and most effective upgrade that you can make. They help provide smoother acceleration, decrease the noise that’s characteristic of diesel cars, help you use fuel more efficiently, and even help the lengthen the life of the engine.

Trim the fat

The weight of the vehicle is going to play a huge role in how much power you feel as you drive. A simple spring clean, getting rid of everything in the boot and the backseat except the essentials, can give it a little boost as shown at Off the Throttle. Some drivers will go even further, however, modifying their vehicle to take out the back seats, stereo, and other non-essential components. Of course, this is only recommended if you’re driving the car for hobbyist and sport purposes and not for regular use.

Regular maintenance and upgrades are going to help you see the very best out of your diesel engine for a lot longer. The tips above are only the starting point, you need to keep up with them, too.