Can They Walk And Talk Like A Human?

Artificial intelligence has always been a hot topic on the frontline of technological advancement. AI is seen by some as an enemy that is waiting to emerge and thus we should take extra precautions. And by other people it’s seen as the future for humanity, being able to program machines to do things we would no longer be doing. The former is a group that can oftentimes be ridiculed for scaremongering but even Elon Musk recommends we take the ability for AI to self-learn very seriously as it may one day come back to haunt us. We’re getting a little too far ahead perhaps as we’re thinking of things like Terminator and I-Robot. For now, however, just the fact that AI can understand us, our speech patterns, our accents, tones, and languages is a great achievement itself. We’re much further ahead in the computerized AI world than we are in the physical world. What would happen if we combined the two, which many if not all of us believe, will happen one day?

Life of a robot

A company called Boston Dynamics is making some incredibly complex robots. Their ingenuity has not gone unnoticed as they post their videos of the creations they are working on up to YouTube. Their videos have gotten millions and millions of views. They make all kinds of robots and test them to do things that we will come to expect of such AI. one of their robots is very human-like. They call it Atlas and it walks on two legs, has two arms, a head and its battery and circuitry looks like a backpack that it’s wearing. It’s been taught to react quickly to things that would otherwise harm it. It’s been pushed hard to make it fall but catches itself quickly with rapid readjusted leg movement. If it does fall down, it can get up again without the need for assistance. It can walk backwards up a snowy hill without falling and losing its sense of direction. It’s simply incredible to see the first time you realize, that these machines will be the future help for disabled and old people. They may even be a part of search and rescue teams as their strength will get increased.

Is it human?

Google AI unveiled a powerful segment of it’s latest AI developments this year. In May, the company showcased a conversation that entailed someone booking a restaurant reservation. It seemed like it was two humans talking but it turned out to be Google AI and a human being that was not told they were talking to a robot. On devs journal, there is an article about Google AI and how it may help in other forms. The piece goes into detail about patient care and how the AI may be able to establish a quick analysis of a person’s condition. This kind of AI seems much more likely to be implemented in the next 5 years as it doesn’t have a physical real-world element just yet.

The future is AI, but it looks as if human beings will have to learn to live with AI and not the other way around. Programmers are certain that all is safe but in reality, we don’t really know if AI could go the way some skeptics suggest it will.