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July 05

Can They Walk And Talk Like A Human?

Artificial intelligence has always been a hot topic on the frontline of technological advancement. AI is seen by some as an enemy that is waiting to emerge and thus we should take extra precautions. And by other people it’s seen as the future for humanity, being able to program machines to do things we would […]

November 02

Can the world tell a story? – Please Reblog to maximise the people involved

The idea behind this ‘thing’ to see if the world can get together and tell a story. The link below is for a google document which is completely editable by everyone. What will the readers of www.5thingstodotoday.com come up with? Who is going to start? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gHEkrrk7IdEpJQ8vxEwQtm9hYbZixqeXuBxRSpL_Rhk/edit?usp=sharing