Didn’t Get The Phone You Wanted For Christmas? How To Pick Up Your Dream Mobile In 2018

Mobile phones are a very personal choice, so if you’re disappointed with the device you’ve received for Christmas, find out how to swap it in January.

New research conducted by Deloitte suggests that 55% of smartphone owners check their device within the first 15 minutes of waking each day and 21% of 16 to 24year olds admit to responding to messages in the middle of the night. With this level of dependency on mobile devices, it will come as no surprise that many people are receiving them for Christmas this year. Yet, what do you do if you are given a phone that isn’t to your liking? Find out how to sell your mobile and swap it for one you’ll be happy to wake up to in 2018.

Check The Returns Policy

By far the easiest way to get rid of your phone and receive the money back is to return it the shop where it came from. You’ll need to check the individual policy of the retailer; many have specific rules for exchanging or refunding purchases made in the run-up to Christmas. Carphone Warehouse for example will allow you to return or exchange selected purchases made between 1st November and 24th December 2017, as late as the 14th January 2018. However, it is worth bearing in mind that if the person who purchased your gift bought it for a sale price, perhaps on Black Friday or Cyber Monday then the phone will only be worth the discounted price. If this is the case, then you might be able to make more money towards your next purchase by selling it elsewhere.

Sell Your Phone Online

There are a variety of comparison sites that will offer you a good price for your mobile phone. Simply enter the specs for the mobile you want to sell, and you’ll be given a sale price. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from also selling previous handsets too to give you a little bit of extra cash towards the phone of your choice. If one of your older handsets is damaged in some way, then you may still be able to obtain around 10-50% of the cost of a working phone. But it’s worth investigating whether your old phone is still under warranty, so that then you can get it fixed either for free or for a minimal cost, which would allow you to receive more when cashing it in.

Choosing Your Next Phone

You might already have your eye on one of the top mobile phones that have hit the store in recent months – perhaps the iPhone X, the Nokia 8 or the Samsung Galaxy S8 have caught your eye? The only real downside to any of these choices is the cost – they all range between around £500-£999. If you don’t have as much cash to spend, then there are still some excellent options available, particularly if you’re willing to look at refurbished phones. There is some confusion amongst consumers as to what refurbished means. Although it may have been ‘used’, often refurbished phones are those that have been sold and then returned unwanted a couple of days later by a buyer who has changed their mind. The phone may have been switched on and operated, but not used to the extent that it has been worn out. If you buy a refurbished iPhone 7 for instance, then it will function as well as a brand new phone, come with a warranty and have been cleaned. Essentially, refurbished phones are great way to save money and broaden your purchasing options.

So, if you’re left disappointed with the phone you received for Christmas, don’t delay. Start doing your research immediately and you should be able to snap up a real bargain in January.