Father’s Day Ultimate Meat Lovers Masterclass at Newly Launched Boxcar Marylebone

Father's Day Ultimate Meat Lovers Masterclass at Newly Launched Boxcar Marylebone

Boxcar Butcher & Grill (www.boxcar.co.uk) an exciting new independent butchery-to-cooking concept, which launched on New Quebec Street early this month, is hosting the ultimate event for meat lovers with a special in-depth Butchery Masterclass to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday 18th June 12:00pm.

Ideal for any meat loving Father, guests will learn how to butcher prime cuts of meat through demonstrations, as well as the best cooking techniques to use for each individual cut such as the Jacobs Ladder, the Tomahawk, the Fillet and the T-Bone.

After the Masterclass, all guests will enjoy a steak tasting menu, sampling the cuts butchered and cooked that day. Drinks will be available to the guests throughout the demonstration and tasting menu.

Tickets cost £135 pp (includes drinks & food) and can be booked by contacting Boxcar Butchers & Grill with more information on the London Food Month website (http://londonfoodmonth.co.uk/programme/event/#/?id=109535).