Brooklands Hotel and Spa, Weybridge – 5 more things to do today 

After our recent stay at The Brooklands Hotel and Spa here are 5 more things to do.


Order British cured duck breast for starter and sea bass kedgeree for the main course in the 1907 restaurant, bar and grill. For dessert in the restaurant try the Salt Caramel Chocolate Fondant. This is freshly prepared and takes fifteen minutes to arrive but well worth the wait.


Make sure that you choose some sides with your main courses such as green beans, onion rings or blue cheese Portobello mushrooms. Order the cheese and biscuits and a coffee to finish off your meal. The brie cheese was runny and served just perfectly.


Stay in a trackside suite and enjoy fourth-floor views of the Mercedes-Benz track and beyond. The Noel Pope Suite is huge with a large glass dining table and sofa area. You can even play noughts and crosses while making yourself a hot chocolate.


Visit nearby attractions such as the Brooklands Museum where you can recreate what it was like to travel on Concord. Of course, you can also book to drive around the Mercedes-Benz World handling circuit.


Order a cot for your room if you have a baby with you.