Dine at Tigella Kitchen Bar – 82 New Oxford Street – Authentic Italian Cuisine


The UK’s First Tigella Kitchen Bar Opens in London

A unique concept where Italian tradition and innovation blend perfectly

Manitoba Tigella opens on New Oxford Street London this September, serving authentic Italian cuisine with a focus on tigella, a traditional disc shaped stuffed bread from Northern Italy.

Originating from the chestnut forests of the Apennine mountains in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, the tigella at Manitoba is prepared in accordance with rural customs, by hand and with all natural ingredients.

Diners will be able to choose how they eat their tigella. On offer will be traditional dishes such as; Gnocco Fritto (tigella, fried gnocco with Parma ham D.O.P. – £1.50), Prosciutto + Stracchino (tigella, stracchino soft cheese and Parma ham – £2.20) and Tagliere Misto (mixed salami, parmigiano cheese, stracchino cheese, Italian olives, sundried tomatoes, tigelle and gnocco fritto – £10). For the more adventurous, the gourmet tigella menu will entice diners with such dishes as the Burger T (tigella with burger, confit tomatoes, cocktail sauce and provolone cheese – £2.90) and Pink Pistachio (tigella with mortadella foam and pistachio crumble – £3). The Veggie Burger (tigella with beans, red onion and embers onion sauce – £3) and the Aubergine Parmigiana (tigella with funghetto aubergine, parmigiano D.O.P. cheese, tomato sauce and basil pesto – £3) will tempt the most hardcore carnivore.


Manitoba Tigella

82 New Oxford Street

London, WC1A 1HB

020 7436 8231 / www.manitobatigella.com