5 baby toys to buy for your baby today

1. Giraffe £9.99 from Hape Toys

From a young age allow your little ones to push pull and grab helping baby’s development learning new skills and discovering more of the animal kingdom

2. Wonder Walker £89.99 from Hape Toys

A great way to learn balancing skills  and how to pull themselves up aiding them standing and walking, with a number of other activities to be enjoyed.

3. Castle Blocks £19.99 from Hape Toys

Build a whole new world with fantasia blocks castle all unusually shaped and designed, in a vibrant array of colours they will never get bored.

4. High Seas Rocker £75.95 from Amazon

Designed to stimulate healthy child development through play, in a classic blue and white sailor design sail the oceans seas for hours on end.

5.Walk-A-Long-Caterpillar £12.99 from Amazon

The colourful wooden pull along toy for your baby which helps early walking with other elements to be enjoyed along the way with removable spinning flowers.