Celebrate the ‘Best of British Pop’ at The London Cabaret Club


After almost three years of sold out pop up shows around the UK’s capital,the beloved London Cabaret Club are thrilled to announce their grand launch on Wednesday 4th May 2016. Taking place in their new and permanent residence, the iconic Bloomsbury Ballroom, they promise to deliver a thrilling night of entertainment.


This glamorous grand launch will unveil their new series of shows, taking place every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Get ready to proudly wave the Union Jack all night long as The London Cabaret Club pump up the volume showcasing London’s most exciting new show, ‘Best of British Pop’.

Packed with beloved hits, impressive staging, mesmerising dances and themed costumes, the show is a celebration of British pop throughout the decades. The night kicks off with recollections and memories from the freedom days of the 60’s to London’s punk movement in the 80’s, Britpop’s glory days of the 90’s and today’s leading anthems. A DJ then takes over, and opens up the dance floor to the guests until 3am.

The experience at The London Cabaret Club doesn’t isn’t limited to the stage. From being served quality British Tapas, to enjoying bespoke drinks to being greeted by hosts and hostesses embodying the theme of the night, it truly is an immersive night.

A night at The London Cabaret Club is an impressive production of song, dance, food and drink but also of an appreciation of Britain and its leading hand in creating some of the world’s most exciting music genres, fashion trends and movements – a true cultural goldmine!