Interview with Miss Universe turned presenter Amy Willerton about life, celebrity, California and Bristol


Out of everything you have done in your career so far what do you consider to be the highlight?

Miss Universe, because it was my dream since I was about 5! I was always obsessed with watching pageants on television , the gowns , the sparkles and everything to do with being a Princess. So when it actually happened to me, and it was me on stage, I was in my absolute element!

What advice would you give to a pupil at school who wants to be on television?

I think decide what your goals are with entering the TV world. What exactly is it you want to do? Do you want to a presenter / be behind the camera…Being in a pageant/on TV/just be famous isn’t a career. It is however amazing experience – I was lucky enough that it turned into a career but it doesn’t always work out that way. So I like people to understand the goals behind why they want to be on TV so they use that opportunities open to them to pursue long term dreams/goals.

What challenges face models in 2016? How has it changed in the last 5 years.

The industry has changed so much even in the last few years. Everything revolves so much around social media now, usually in castings I will be asked how many followers I have before what experience I have. A lot of content is now online so although there is a lot more opportunity to be seen – Budgets are more stretched out now, so it’s difficult to sustain a full time career in media. My advice is always to evolve and be open to new opportunities – You have to be very comfortable with unpredictability and change!

Where is your favourite place to live? UK or abroad?

I live in California currently because I love the lifestyle so much. There is so much opportunity here, but you can pursue it whilst living in 90 degrees by the beach! But as much as I adore it – I’m a proud Brit and a home bunny at heart – So England will always be my home.

What things do you like to do in Bristol? Do you go back and visit much?

I’m very close with my family so I try to go back to Bristol as often as I can. I love it as a city, there is so much vibrancy, art and culture – I was very lucky to be raised there. It’s a big enough city that you have your privacy but small enough that it’s still a caring community.

Do you ever tire of seeing pictures of yourself in the media?

Bad one yes!! I don’t really mind because I invited that into my life. Certainly now I’ve stepped away from the reality side of things to pursue a serious presenting career I have less of that in my life these days which I prefer.

How do you keep yourself healthy?

I try to keep to do some form of exercise everyday and keep it varied. I’m so passionate about cooking and food that diet has always been the thing I find hardest to discipline. I go in extremes, either being super healthy or super terrible!! So I’m working I’m my behaviours presently to create more balance ultimately aiming for clean diet 80% with a 20% treat allowance!

If you want a great day then what 5 things do you find yourself doing?

– Be with people I love!
– Some extreme sports activity like jet skiing or bungee jumping
– Eating amazing food
– Challenges/Games – I’m really addicted escape rooms and laser quest right now!
– Watching the sunset from a gorgeous beach

What’s next for you?

I’m presenting now! So you will be seeing me pop up places with a mic. I’m starting from square one in America which is as scary as it is exciting but I understand 
what I want from my career so much more now. I choose quality over quantity in my work – commercial success comes with a lot of pressure so I like taking my time with larger projects.