Make sure you get ready for Scrappers – Back in the Yard (starts 1st March 10.00PM on BBC Two) 

Following a critically acclaimed first series, the BBC heads back to Bolton for a second helping of character-driven documentary series Scrappers – Back in the Yard, this time on its new home, BBC Two. The 6 x 30 minute series follows the turbulent times of the North-West’s biggest scrapyard, run by larger-than-life TERRY and LYNDSAY WALKER and their predictably unpredictable employees.
Series two finds TERRY and LYNDSAY on the brink of throwing in the towel after financial meltdown and a health and safety disaster have brought their multi-million pound scrap empire to breaking point, and left the future of the family hanging by a thread. Everything is “exactly how it shouldn’t be” says TERRY. With LYNDSAY clear that it’s their “last chance to make things right for the future of the kids”, TERRY knows he needs to drag the yard into the 21st century if the business is going to survive, let alone be in a fit state to hand over to the next generation: their children CATHY, JON and JEMMA. 

With his old-school style and a loyal but chaotic workforce, modernising is easier said than done, however with the health and safety inspectors ready to shut down the yard for the slightest infraction and LYNDSAY breathing down his neck, TERRY doesn’t have any choice but to play by the book. 

Anarchic employees helping (and hindering) TERRY and LYNDSAY include series one favourites COXY, DAVE, NATALIE, CHRIS and LEE, alongside the new recruit, 16 year old ‘spanner lad’ DEAN, while on-site caterers DEBS and MICHELLE are on hand to offer their unique mix of wit and wisdom when things threaten to turn for the worse.

Highlights from this series include: LYNDSAY choosing the snowiest day of the year to take charge of the yard (and finding that her husband’s job isn’t as easy as she thinks it is); the staff running riot when TERRY and LYNDSAY head to Venice for a ‘working break’; and an explosive family fallout that pushes TERRY and LYNDSAY’s marriage to the edge, leaving the firm’s future hanging in the balance.