February 17


5 things to do today at Tex-Mex restaurant Chiquito, Leicester Square – they have a new menu and it’s all about the Street Food! 

Firstly there are plenty of other Chiquito restaurants for you to try around the country. As we were in Central London we opted for this one. 

Chiquito’s New Menu

Chiquito have taken inspiration from the food markets of Mexico to come up with a new street food menu including Spicy Chicken Crispy Tacos, Sweet Chorizo Croquettes with sweet Jalapeño Jelly and a Five Bean Tortilla Stack to mention just a few. The new menu launched this month and contains 25 new dishes. On top of that, 80% of the food is freshly prepared in each restaurants, so whether you are a regular or coming new to Mexican Street food there is likely to be something to appeal. 

Here are 5 things to do today at Chiquito. 

1. Book a table beforehand to ensure you get a table. There is a lovely bar however to wait where you can have a cocktail or a beer. We can recommend the spiced ginger mojito. 

2. Get seated and do a bit of people watching. There seemed to be every nationality in the restaurant so quite buzzy and happening! We noticed that people were keen to chat even if it was to ask where the nearest tube was. 

3. Start with the Nachos to share. A huge portion will be delivered. 

4. Choose a starter and main course. We went straight for the main and ordered a few sides to accompany. The onion rings were crispy and excellent! Fajitas, wraps and chill were ordered

5. Order another cocktail then spill out in to the heart of London. This is a fantastic location for cinema and theatres.