Find love with the HerSmile dating app this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day around the corner, for some singletons it can be a time to batten down the hatches, binge watch a series and avoid the hearts and roses. However, for some it can be a reminder that they’re ready to get back on the dating wagon and traverse the delicate road to love.

With our award nominated new online dating site about to launch we’ve put together 5 things to do today that will put you in the driving seat to find romance without the misleading profiles and deceptive intentions.

1. Log in – with only 2 easy steps to login HerSmile has one of the fastest sign up processes. The videos are tailored; one for men, one for women to explain how the site works and what to expect.

 2. Create – Your profile by telling us your story. Our research showed that one of the hardest parts of online dating was writing about yourself, so we’ve come up with a way that showcases you honestly without needing a creative writing degree. Inspiring to write, authentic to read; in 23 fun yet thought provoking questions we’ll create your profile for you.

 3. Upload – HerSmile is about more than just looks, but its important people see who you are. Select a couple of genuine, smiling pictures (avoid using sun glasses and pictures with multiple people in the shot) and upload them to your profile. Also add images to the character gallery showcasing your favourite things in life and really get a feel for someone’s personality.

 4. Browse – link minded people. Search by a myriad of things like education, religion and marriage or use Facebook filters to see your mutual friends. Really define your search using keyword filters – from cooking and travelling to specialist subjects and aspirations if they’ve written it we’ll find it. HerSmile matches people based on their ‘points in common’ letting you know how compatible you are.

5. Message – HerSmile works to guarantee genuine interest. Women have a subscription, men use introductions/credits. Guys confirm their interest is genuine and use one credit to send their first, introductory message. Her ‘smile’ lets him know the interest is mutual so he can contact her. If she doesn’t reply, we’ll return the credit for him to use again.

Women aren’t bombarded with unwanted messages, from a safe and non-pressured position they decide where it goes and men, who have no yearly contract, only hear from women who reciprocate their interest, waste no time and money.