Share your unwanted food easily with OLIO today 

Do you have a few lonely lemons?

Do you have packet of bread sauce that you will never eat?

Have you got a few crunchy apples but you can’t eat because of toothache?

Are you about to make a huge pot of chili and want to get to know your local community by sharing it for free?

You surely must have things in your cupboard that are serving a life sentence.

OLIO is a food sharing network app that allows you to give away your ‘not to get eaten’ or ‘prepared lovingly for others’ foods for free.

Here are 5 things do to today with OLIO


Download the Olio app (apple and google play) onto your device. Sign up using email or your social media account.


A quick screen grab of OLIO to give you idea – it’s so easy!


Have a look at what others have put on to give away. It may give you some ideas. Do you fancy taking any of it from their hands. I’m sure they would be grateful and you never know who you will meet.


Find something yourself to put on OLIO or make something special. Open your cupboard doors and have a rummage. There is bound to be something at the back that you will never use! On the other hand you could make something for fresh and give some of it away. How good would that make you feel?


Get your phone camera at the ready at take your best snap of the food item. Make it look tasty and appetising! Why are you giving it away again? Upload it onto OLIO and give it a quick and honest description. If your grapes are just on the turn then say so and make sure collection is for TODAY!


Wait for someone to want it. When they collect (you can arrange to place it at a drop off point) make them feel welcome. Ask them a few questions, get to know them a little! Do they need anything else you may have? Start a friendship.

The founders of OLIO are passionate in the extreme about food not going to waste. We think this is a great idea with so much potential globally.

Founders Tessa Cook and Saasha Celestial-One

Experience the magic of sharing with a neighbor today. Make sure it is one of your 5 thing to do today.

Please do let us know how you get on with your food sharing network by commenting below.