Have a portrait commissioned on line from one of the worlds best illustrators with Fabulous Noble

FabulousNoble.com, a portrait commissioning service for a new generation.

These are not simply scanned images put through a filter; they are original illustrations in a variety of media (from pencil and biro to watercolour and acrylics) created by hand.

How it Works

Choose the styles you like from a stable of 24 renowned illustrators, and upload some photographs of yourself (or the subject/s of the portrait, if it is to be a gift) to get started.  At each stage you are included in the process, seeing sketches so you have control all the way through the process.  Portraits start from as little as £350, depending on the artist, number of subjects and size, and can be ready is as little as 3 weeks.


The artists
The list of artists available is impressive: fashion illustrators such as Florian Meacci (whose previous commissions include celebrity portraits for H&M, plus illustrations for Dolce & Gabbana, Glamour magazine and Adidas Originals); Mustafa Soydan (Vogue, Tom Ford, Saint Laurent Paris, Harper’s Bazaar) and Spiros Halaris (Vanity Fair, Madame Figaro, Nylon, the Sunday Times). Each has a distinctive style, and works in a different medium.
“A portrait drawn or painted by a traditional artist will cost between £3,000 up to £30,000, will take several sittings and might take months to be accomplished depending on the artist. Our rates starts at £395 up to £3,500 depending on the artist selected and the numbers of subjects on the portraits. Once the client has made his order online and uploaded the photographs of the subject(s) we include client in the process by showing sketches whereby the commissioner can give us feedback. We do not print the portrait till the customer is fully happy this way there’s no nasty shock when the artwork is delivered. Our turnaround is also a lot faster: between 3/4 weeks depending on the artist. So far all of our clients have been happy and have been able to offer beautiful gifts that will last forever!”  Pierre-Andre Ben Lassin, Co-founder, Fabulous Noble.

Please take a look at this short film: http://www.fabulousnoble.com/how_it_works