5 things you can do every day to build customer loyalty by Michael Heppell

International speaker and best selling business author Michael Heppell shares his 5 things to do today to build customer loyalty.

Michael Heppell in full flow

Michael Heppell in full flow

Use names – there is no sweeter sound than to have someone use your name during a conversation. The person who says you can over-use someone’s name is usually the one who is useless at remembering names so just doesn’t bother.

Always say please and thank you – Along with; doing what you say you will do and being on time it’s one of the top three referability habits. It’s amazing how many people think they do this, then don’t even acknowledge a waiter when a cup of coffee is delivered. Then they forget to say thank you for their meeting.

Take notes – Even if you have a perfect photographic memory (which you don’t) if you’re face to face the take notes. It shows respect and when you say, ‘let me write that down’ it shows your customer that you’re listening and you think what they have to say is important.

Hand write something – anything! Is there anything less sincere than typing ‘Yours sincerely’? Yours sincerely should be handwritten along with ‘Dear’ xxxx and any P.S’s. Because we live in the world of email there’s a real novelty in receiving anything hand-written through the post.

Speed it up – Doing anything just a little faster creates a Wee Wow for your customer. Yet most people are notorious for overpromising and under delivering. The excuse of ‘the email mustn’t have sent’ or ‘I didn’t have a chance to call you back’ is ridiculous. Now flip that and send it early, make the call, do the unexpected.

Michael Heppell is a business speaker and author of the new 3rd edition of 5 Star Service, the UK’s best selling Customer Service book by a British author.

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