October 28

Wednesday 28th October 2015 | 5thingstodotoday

Create a forum using weebly.com. Weebly is a free website creator which has a forum feature that you can easily integrate into your site. We used weebly to create a community group for a a group of new build properties – one of which we moved into. This has proved to be useful for people to air views and to ‘break the ice’ when knocking on the door does not come natural.

Read 5 star service by Michael Heppell. We always enjoy Michael’s books and this one is no exception. If you are a business owner wanting customer loyalty then this book is for you. To be honest everyone will find some top tips or ‘wee wows’ in his book. It’s full of wit and anecdotes and lots of stories of poor customer service we can all relate to! We are very grateful that Michael has written for us on this site and shared his 5 things to do today to build customer loyalty.

Eat a huge apple crumble cake from La Fiesta on Castle street – Kingston upon Thames. Go mid morning when it is quiet. This crumble cake looked particularly good and was!

Dine at Rossopomoro at John Lewis in Kingston upon Thames. Our usual cafe has been replaced with something much more snazzy! Gone have the cakes under plastic domes and ‘help yourself to cutlery’. A fine Italian restaurant has arrived. The food is excellent but a little pricey if all you want is a snack whilst shopping. The service was impeccable however and the food choice and wine selection is top notch. There is also a Rossopomoro at the Oxford Street branch of John Lewis.

Slogan – The best pizza this side of Naples.

Have a few cocktails during happy hour at La Brasserie, Chelsea. You feel like you are in central Paris in this bar. Sit on a stool overlooking the copious bottles of drink for the full experience. Cocktails are good quality and in happy hour are priced at £6.00. Not quite buy one and get another free but still good. Enjoy!