Five Things You must know about Shae Brock

The music industry is a versatile, ever growing and exciting world. To keep you up to date on the best of the music world, check out this post about the beautiful Shae Brock.


1. Just Released Her First Single “If I Ever”

Don’t be the one that lives in the cave. Know who and what is trending and turning heads in the music industry. Shae Brock’s “If I Ever” is the hottest end-of-the-summer hit, and it’s about to hit big. Check it out!

2.  She Is An Artist Refinery Talent

Shae Brock joined the leading talents of the Artist Refinery and is intimately working with “Blaze.” Just don’t even tell me you don’t know what the “Artist Refinery” is and who “Blaze” is.

3. Shae Brock Is A Must Know Character

A persona that is incredibly difficult not to love, Shae Brock is all about empowerment, self-love, commemorating that which brings beauty into our world. She is free spirited, energetic and passionate about life; like everyone should be.

4. The Meaning Behind “If I Ever”

“If I Ever” is about the individual who immediately takes your breath away to the point that one becomes so enchanted, they cannot find words to even say “hello.”

5. Her Songs Are Inspired By Nature and Human Interaction

Shae Brock’s lyrics and music comes from “a place of truth”, she instills and captures her passion and feelings from that inspirational moment in her songs forever.
Shae Brock is an artist that you must follow. She will mesmerize you with her first hit single “If I Ever”, a catchy release that you won’t want to get out of your head.

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