5 Things to do in Manhattan, New York City

We are very grateful to Colton Beach for these 5 things from a local perspective. You can read Colton’s blog here

Manhattan is just one of several diverse and sprawling boroughs of the 8 million strong, mega-city everyone knows simply as “New York” (or just “the city” as New Yorkers call it.) Here, you can do practically anything, but I enjoy just soaking in my city anyway I can. Here are 5 things I love to do here in Manhattan, NYC.

1. Local Coffee Shops

The coffee scene in this city has exploded (in a good way) over the last couple decades. New York coffee used to be a joke, but with the rising popularity of coffee shop hang outs and coffee addictions, NYC has risen to the challenge. A great way to see the city is to find a coffee place (preferably with wifi, climate control, and good seating) and just chill for a while. Maybe bring your laptop and do something productive, get lost in a good book, or just people-watch the streets of the Big Apple between sips of caffeinated goodness. It’s both calming and exhilarating simultaneously. I have bookmarked my personal favorite coffee shop hangouts in Manhattan if you’re interested. 


2. Inter-city Travel

It doesn’t matter if it’s by subway, plane, boat, bike, bus, or just walking. All these options are great ways to just see the city. Did you know that almost half of the subway system in NYC is above ground? New York is a beautiful city, and each neighborhood of each borough has something unique to offer. However you choose to see the city, just plug in your earbuds and get your favorite tunes playing and you’re bound to have an awesome adventure. 


3. Community Service

New York is a needy city. Especially when it comes to the homeless. You don’t have to visit for long to know it to be true. So volunteer! What better way to experience the city raw for what it truly is than interacting with it’s occupants who need you to show a compassionate heart. Most of the homeless will just panhandle for easy money, but I have found the people who truly are making an effort to leave the homeless lifestyle will show up to food pantries and take advantage of holistic care services. 


4. Performing Arts

The Big Apple has an abundance of opportunities to enjoy quality, live entertainment around almost every block. From street performances to dazzling Broadway shows you can experience incredible talent from all corners of the globe right here in New York. Be sure to do your research to find the cheapest tickets to shows you would like to see and you’ll have those songs in your head for years to come. 


5. Share

Don’t keep your New York experiences to yourself! One of the most enjoyable things to do is to share the highlights of the city with others. Whether blogging or just sharing a picture on Instagram, have found it to be therapeutic in a way as I blog every day about my experiences in the city that never sleeps. Even a bad experience can turn into an entertaining story. There is a huge difference in how tourists and locals experience this great city, but these 5 tips are sure to make your time here authentic and memorable for years to come.