Never have to worry about desserts again with Pastry Development

Michelin starred trained chef Thomas Leatherbarrow is founder and Head Pastry Chef at Pastry Development.


Here are ‘5things’ about Pastry Development.

1. Pastry development is a development company who specialise in developing bespoke desserts and recipes and a twist on traditional dishes for establishments and Personal Dining experiences.


2. Their ethos is the designing and creating of stunning recipes and desserts for Restaurants, Hotels and Bistros along with personal dinning experiences within your own home.


3. Pastry development  work along side chefs, mangers and business owners who are looking to progress their dessert menu with unique, seasonal and elegant dishes designed with your business and style in mind.


4. Personal dining experiences are available  for clients who wish to entertain family or friends in their own home with an exciting showcase of unique desserts that are individually created for you and your guests to enjoy.


5. Their private dining experience service offers our clients the opportunity to plan, design and create their own unique bespoke menu along side their own personal chef from our culinary development team for their family and friends to enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

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