Eat prizewinning gelato in Old Spitalfields Market this weekend

Authentic Italian gelato masters are over from Italy to put on a fantastic event in Old Spitalfields Market. They are all prizewinning gelatieri and are the best of the best.

They are experimental – there are savoury flavours, boozy ones, sophisticated pairings and all the classics made fresh in the specially converted gelato trucks on site. They’ll be rolling into Spitalfields to serve the gorgeous gelato, host masterclasses in the gelato lab and bring London the real deal, as part of an extensive European tour in their huge, beautiful trucks.

Date: Friday 26th – Sunday 28th June

Times: 10am – 8pm

Venue: Old Spitalfields Market

Price: Free admission. For a gelato card, £10 in advance from the website gets 5 scoops + 1 extra if you vote for the best:

Also available on the day for £15, and individual scoops available on the day.