Hear eerie and fantastical stories for adults by Vanessa Woolf

Come and hear eerie and fantastical stories for adults in London’s derelict housing estates, muddy foreshores, urban forests, midnight cemeteries… or just in your own front room!

Story telling by Vanessa Woolf


There are two events coming up.

On Sunday 31st May at 2pm we’re meeting in a secret and very atmospheric location in the city for some tea, cake and ancient tales of the greek underworld. Stories from Vanessa, music from Nigel and Gentlefolk. Bring an umbrella just in case. £3 book by emailing me in the usual way.

On the night of 6th June, we will huddle around flickering lanterns in a chillingly post-apocalyptic corner of Walworth for live music and storytelling. It’s “Late Night Showing: SCI-FI”. Music and stories inspired by the sci fi movies we love; Terminator, Star Wars, District 9, Silent Running etc. Folktales from the future. £5 each, email to book.