5 things to do in gay Sweden this summer

  1. The big gay summer in Stockholm – with the biggest Nordic pride festival, Stockholm Pride running right into Eurogames, which is the biggest gay sporting event in the world (aka Gay Olympics)
  2. Way Out West in Gothenburg – a global music festival with amazing Swedish (did you know Sweden is the world’s 3rd biggest exporter of music after the US and UK) acts and international stars that attracts people from all walks of life – everybody’s welcome
  3. Midnight Sun – Swedish Lapland is really the world’s most gay-welcoming place in the world to experience unique light. In the summer, the Midnight Sun and in the winter, the Northern Lights. It’s also the homeland of Sami-Pride, which started last year, a gay Pride festival for the indigenous population of Arctic Sweden.
  4. Malmo is a city for the young at heart – it’s small Pride festival, the Regnbågsfestivalen isn’t much in comparison to Stockholm’s or Gothenburg’s, but like the rest of the city, it’s laid back, chilled and very community minded.Whilst you’re visiting, you can check out a vibrant art scene, eco-conscious way of life and for fans of Scandic-Noir, it is also the home of “The Bridge
  5. Sweden is a place of surprises, so our advice is to turn up and be surprised. Sandy beaches in Skane, crayfish safaris in West Sweden, an ICEHOTEL in Swedish Lapland and not to mention the perfect place to fall in love, propose or even get married. Equal marriage was made law 6 years ago, overwhelmingly backed by the Church of Sweden, so same-gender marriage is all the rage in Sweden. 

 For more inspiration for you visit to Sweden have a look at the Visit Sweden website.