Download the ‘dinners to your door’ guide published by Vegetarian for Life


*It’s time to celebrate some delicious vegetarian and vegan ready meals*

Having ready meals delivered direct to your home has become an increasingly popular choice for many people across the UK – particularly those who are frailer. A new guide published by the charity Vegetarian for Life (VfL) shows that it is possible to enjoy all the convenience of these meals without having to compromise your vegetarian or vegan principles.

An estimated 300,000 older people in the UK are vegetarian or vegan. While most of these are in glowing health and still cook for themselves, others may need some support. Vegetarian for Life’s 2014 survey suggests that around 6,500 older vegetarians and vegans live in care homes. Others rely on community meals services, such as ‘meals on wheels’, as a lifeline to living independently.

The Dinners to your Door guide, which has been sponsored by both the Vegetarian Society and the Vegan Society, features many of the leading companies that produce meals for home delivery as well as some of their delicious recipes. From Tuscan Bean Casserole to Spanish Style Vegetables & Rice and from Carrot & Ginger Soup to a Red Pepper Boat filled with Mushrooms there is something to appeal to everyone’s appetite.

Not surprisingly, the versatility and convenience of these meals will also appeal to individuals who don’t need support with meals. Available either chilled, frozen or even freeze-dried they easily can match your lifestyle – less waste and less strain on your budget!

VfL Director, Amanda Woodvine, who compiled the guide commented, “Many older adults will appreciate the ease of having these delicious vegetarian and vegan meals delivered directly to their door. And it will prove particularly useful for those who are unable to leave their homes because of disability or ill health. It may also be a great relief to someone caring for a relative or friend to know that these meals can help ensure they continue to enjoy a varied and nutritious diet”.

VfL is dedicated to improving the quality of life for older vegetarians and vegans. Offering support, advice and information it works directly with individuals and also with those establishments that cater for older adults, such as care homes.

For more information or to order a copy of the guide, call 0161 4458064 or visit