5 Soups to try today at Soupe du Jour in London’s Soho

The team of Soupe du Jour is convinced that the good old soups our grandmas cooked for us are the perfect lunch option for everybody: proper, healthy and filling. The “modern twist” of our recipes comes from Jona, our Michelin-star trained chef. He only works with the best and freshest ingredients from local-based farms, we trust. This is what makes Soupe du Jour’s taste stand out.

As our name says, there is every day another “Soupe du Jour”. But for those who like a stable variety, we have Our 5 Classics, which are always on the menu:

THE TOMATO – made out of tomatoes, herbs like rosemary and thyme, onions and a hint of balsamic vinegar. And the best: The Tomato is vegan, vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free. The tomato comes with Parmesan cream, some cheese crisps and parsley on top, only if desired.

THE CARROT – made with carrots, ginger, orange and coconut milk, topped with spring onions. The Carrot is vegan, vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free.
THE VEGETABLE – It brings the best out of a variety of locally sourced vegetables – a real detox wonder. It is topped with parsley and is vegan, vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free.
THE CHICKEN – Grandmothers all-round-medicine. And even you are not ill, it is a delicious, healthy meal. Chicken with vegetables and parsley on top. Dairy free and gluten free.
THE CHILI – Our Classic for the real meat lovers! Not really spicy but can be spiced up with the homemade chilli paste we offer with this booster. Meat from farmers we trust, meeting highest animal welfare standards, chopped tomatoes,, corn and beans, it warms you up inside out. It is dairy free and gluten free.

Besides Our Classics, we have our 2 Favourites which change every 2 weeks, voted for by our customers. The “Soupe du Jour” (daily soup) changes every day. Every soup comes with a slice of handmade German bread. Soup is for everyone and Soupe du Jour covers all common intolerances and food trends with its’ varied product range. That’s why also gluten free food lovers find the most delicious glluten free bread available at Soupe du Jour.