Download Zomato and find local independent restaurant near you – you can even filter out chains!

Zomato overhauls mobile app; champions discovery of independent restaurants in the UK

Zomato, the UK’s most comprehensive restaurant search and discovery service, today unveils a brand new version of its popular smartphone app. The new features aim to get the people in the UK eating at independent restaurants across the country. Given the increasing number and rapid expansion of chains, choice-conscious Londoners now have the option of filtering out chain restaurants from their search results while choosing the venue for their next meal.  

The redesigned app offers a simplified experience and a revamped interface, including contextual Collections for your location, the time of day, and weather. It also introduces an interactive map feature that allows users to draw a bespoke search area to look for dining options. The powerful new features have been designed to make the app easier to use, enabling users to explore dining options, book restaurants and browse through information that helps make deciding where to eat easier – menus, pictures, and user reviews.

The new features will make dining experiences simpler, and even more unique, with:

  • The ‘Exclude Chains’ filter: Championing the UK’s independent restaurants has never been more important as the quality of food and diversity of dining options in the UK continues to improve. One tap will now hide all chain restaurants from Zomato’s search results so users can browse through a range of independent restaurants and move away from the usual everyday choices.
  • Map view: Users can now view nearby restaurants on a map, or hand-draw the area in which they want to search for restaurants. This comes in handy when searching for places around a specific location or even on one’s way home.
  • Customised Collections: In addition to Zomato’s regular Collections, which are theme-based suggestions for moods, cuisines, and events, the app now also suggests specific Collections based on the time of day, day of the week, and even the weather.
  • Improved Bookmarks: Bookmarked restaurants, or restaurants a user has previously noted they’d like to go to, can now be sorted by distance or how recently they were added. A simple one-tap filter also displays Bookmarked restaurants in more exhaustive search results, making it easier to find your favourite places, or the ones you’ve always wanted to visit.

The new update is available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store from today.