The Shard

These pictures of the Shard in London are amazing. Why don’t you visit? You can stand on London’s highest viewing platform by booking a time through this website.

KJohnnyW Photography Blog

One of the more impressive buildings in our capital city, I remember when I first moved to London and it was only part built…every few weeks it became taller and taller and taller. Now it can be seen from just about anywhere in the city, I’ve lived in 4 different homes since it was completed and I can see the Shard in the distance from each one. I took these photographs while my lady was in the nearby hospital being diagnosed with a variation of M.E, even after half an hour of just staring up at this sky piercing structure I just couldn’t get my head round why on earth would someone want to clean those windows.

The Shard-1The Shard-2The Shard-3The Shard-4The Shard-5The Shard-6The Shard-7

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