Have your Childs hair cut at Bella and Beau Hair Salon October 31

Have your Childs hair cut at Bella and Beau Hair Salon Notting Hill, London

Bella and Beau is a unique and fun hair salon aimed at providing a memorable experience for both parents and children whilst ensuring the highest quality of haircuts and styling.Bella and Beau is situated on the lovely Ledbury Road in Notting Hill. It’s a short walk from Bayswater, Notting Hill Gate, Westbourne Park, Ladbroke Grove […]

Charlie Williams October 31

Watch the Comedians Stand up from 1975

This video is will either make you laugh hysterically or not at all. The comedians was a hugely popular stand up comedy in the UK during the 1970’s. It features classics from the likes of Bernard Manning and Charlie Williams. This film will certainly take you back and you can’t help but make interesting comparisons […]

Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre October 31

Listen to the new song ‘Maybe’ in Miss Saigon

In the 2014 revival of Miss Saigon the part of Ellen has a new song – ‘Maybe‘. This replaces the original song ‘Now that I have seen her’. This new production is now booking until April 2015. You can buy tickets from the Miss Saigon box office  here.  

IMG_2700.JPG October 31

Visit Aces and Eights Saloon Bar in Kentish Town, London

Bringing authentic rock ‘n roll to you, Aces is a unique dive bar in the truest sense of the word Whether you’ve got the Monday blues or that Friday feeling come down and check this bar out. Be it upstairs in one of the booths or enjoying a gig in the basement venue. Take a […]

IMG_2694.JPG October 31

See the Giant Hippo at St Katherine’s Dock, London

Not far from Tower Bridge Station you will find St Katherine’s Dock. Opposite ‘The Dickens Inn’ you will see something lurking in the water.

IMG_2699.JPG October 30

Blogger Interview: Julia Linn

This is the first of our blogger interviews. We are very grateful to Julia Linn. Please check out Julia’s style blog here. What is your blog about? Style. What inspired you to start your blog? New York City. When did you start your blog? While I was living in New York City, 2012. How do […]

IMG_2683.JPG October 30

Visit the Tower of London to see the Poppies – please Reblog this post

Today we visited with hoards of others the poppies spilling out of The Tower of London. Each one represents a life lost and nearly all of the 888,246 ceramic poppies have been planted. You can’t help but be moved by this powerful art installation. It is best to go early to best the massive crowds. […]

IMG_2621.JPG October 29

Eat Quintessentially English at Rules Restaurant

Rules Restaurant was founded in 1798. The fine dining here is very much quintessentially English. If you want a Kate Middleton Cocktail then you will find it. The food is excellent and the suet puddings are to die for. The fish is also impressive. Would sir like a top up? You will be very impressed […]

IMG_2675.JPG October 29

Read Stephen King’s ‘on Writing’

I remember Stephen King as a Horror writer. As a child (maybe a bit older) I remember reading Christine and The Shining. As I was trawling though Foyles Bookshop in London I came across ‘on writing’ by Stephen King. This book is part autobiographical and part ‘real advice’ on writing. If you are serious about […]

IMG_2670.JPG October 29

Explore the Yamaha Music Shop in London

Yamaha Music London is a huge shop selling all things Yamaha – musically that is. As you walk in you are treated to a white digital piano which you can play. In fact they seem to enjoy people trying out their keys. The ground floor is clustered with keyboards – some very impressive indeed. The […]

IMG_2662.JPG October 29

Be brave and order a bottle of water in a pub

It’s not all about beers and wines when you go out for a drink. Sometimes the simpler the better. A bottle of water can really help to cleanse the system. Served with plenty of ice and a lemon wedge it’s hard to beat sometimes. Don’t always feel you need to drink alcohol in the pub.

IMG_2641.JPG October 29

Watch street artists in Covent Gardens Apple Market

If you want free entertainment then head to Covent Garden. You will see a range of artists here from opera singers to Clowns. Fire eating and the popular classics all in one place will cost you nothing. You may however feel like putting a little money in the hat at the end as it is […]

IMG_2612.JPG October 28

Sign up for a free ticket to the Independent Schools Show London 2014

The longest running and most established exhibition of its type, it is a ‘must attend’ event for parents considering private education. The London Show takes place on the weekend of 8/9 November 2014, there is no better time or place to explore independent education. Tickets are free if you register in advance.

Tessa's Jazz Hands October 28

Sign up for a Class at Tessa’s Jazz Hands in East Sheen – Children’s Musical Theatre Group

  If you would like to find out more then please visit Tessa’s Jazz Hands.

Difficult landings at Funchal Airport October 28

Watch these landings (or not) at Funchal Airport in Madeira

We have just returned from visiting Funchal in Madeira. Our flight had to be diverted to Tenerife on arriving due to severe cross winds. This You Tube video explains exactly why we did not land. This second video shows a perfect landing.  

IMG_2578.JPG October 26

Watch the cruise ships from the Presedential gardens in Funchal

Madeira attracts some huge cruise ships. You can get a better view of these from the free to enter presidential gardens.

IMG_2567.JPG October 26

Enjoy one of the best views in Madeira from the Cliff Bay Hotel

If you are in Madeira then take a walk to the Cliff Bay hotel. Once through the entrance turn right and head to the pool area on the next level down. The views from here are stunning. You can then take the lift down to the bottom pool area for more magnificent views.

IMG_2541-0.JPG October 26

Walk around the hotel Melia Mare in Madeira at Night

There is something very relaxing about walking around the grounds of a hotel at night. These pictures are of the five star Melia Mare hotel in the lido area of Funchal, Madeira. I particularly like the stillness of the swimming pools – both inside and out.

IMG_2493.JPG October 24

Have a tour of Blandy’s Madeira Wine Lodge

Today we visited the Blandy Madeira wine lodge. This is situated in the centre of Funchal a short walk down from the presidential gardens. The Blandy wine company offers three tours at different prices each offering different things. We opted for the premium tour (middle) which included a tasting, explanation of vine to wine and […]

IMG_2481.JPG October 23

Cook your own steak at Leeno’s bar and restaurant in Funchal, Madeira

The most popular main course at this excellent restaurant in the Lido area of Funchal is ‘beef on the stone’. Your fillet steak comes raw on an incredibly hot marble slab. Served with a tasty jacket potato and three sauces you have the job of slicing and cooking your steak how you like it. The […]

IMG_2428.JPG October 23

Take the Yellow Bus Company open top bus around the sights of Madeira

There are a few open top ‘hop on hop off’ bus companies that take you around the sights of Funchal and beyond. We opted for the ‘yellow bus company’ for a price of 12 Euros per person. This price was for a two day pass (consecutive days) included two possible routes. One slightly longer than […]

IMG_2462.JPG October 23

Explore the fish market of Funchal

This magnificent fish market in Funchal sells fish like no other. Walk to the old town, pass through the fruit market and then head down the stairs to the fish. You will see a wide variety of the freshest fish here from tuna to scabbard. Go early as it sells quickly to trade and the […]

IMG_2454-0.JPG October 23

Have a journey on the cable cars up in the hills of Funchal, Madeira

These cable cars take you to the top of the hills in Funchal. The round trip takes around twenty five minutes. If you want to stop at the top then you can visit the botanical gardens or be pushed down a hill on a basket! Also you can visit ‘the church of our lady of […]

IMG_2397.JPG October 22

Sit by the outdoor pool at the Melia Mare Hotel, Funchal in Madeira

Just arrived at this beautiful hotel. First stop is a lounger in the Sun by the select pool overlooking the ocean.

IMG_2424-0.PNG October 22

Use iWatermark to watermark your images

If you want to add text to your images then I have found that iWatermark is a simple but effective app. Once watermarked you can then save the image back to your camera roll. This will stop others from using your images.

IMG_2407.JPG October 22

Have flambed steak in Funchal, Madeira

These pictures were taken in a restaurant in the lido area of Funchal, Madeira. You don’t always see outside cooking.

IMG_2403-2.JPG October 21

Study this info graphic about Mcdonalds – How much did you know before?

There are also several other interesting facts such as McDonald’s has more customers daily than the population of France. McDonald’s annual ads budget is as big as that of a recent US presidential campaign One McDonald’s meal nearly equals the USDA average calorie intake for men

f0ba2bfd8f936a77d3b146acfe9443c7_XL October 20

Watch Hans Klok 15 World Record – 15 Illusions in Five Minutes

These illusions will blow your mind. We went to see Hans live a few years ago. If you have a thing you would like to feature then please get in touch.

IMG_2390.JPG October 20

Read Flip it by Michael Heppell

This excellent book is also available as an audio download. ‘Flip it’ covers all areas of life including your work and friends. There is invaluable advice in this book with lots of real things you can do now. This is just one of a several books that Heppell has written. The ‘Edge’ is also a […]

IMG_2376-0.JPG October 20

Enjoy landing at a different airport than you expected

Today we should have taken an Easy Jet flight to Funchal, Madeira from Gatwick. Instead we landed in Tenerife. This was due to high winds. To be honest communication was poor from inside the plane and even worse at Tenerife airport. They were however thrown into a unusual situation and had two members of staff […]

Ye Old Shambles Tavern October 20

Drink the best real ale you will ever have at Ye Old Shambles Tavern

This is a place that wasn’t actually on our ‘things to do’ list but were very glad we stumbled across Ye Old Shambles Tavern. Basically it looks like a shop that sells bottled beers from the outside but step inside you realise it is much more. The front of the tavern is bar area which […]

IMG_2206.JPG October 20

Try out the Canbury Arms in Kingston-upon-Thanes

The Canbury Arms is a fantastic gastro pub in Kingston-upon-Thames. This pub has a bar area and a larger more spacious dining area. There is a full range of real ales and fine wines. The food is brilliant. I had the steak and ale pie as a main course and pork belly squares for starter […]

IMG_2230 October 19

Take a trip to York Minster

Experience one of the top visitor attractions in York with a trip to York Minster. Regularly voted one of the most popular things to do in York, the Minster is not only an architecturally stunning building but is a place to discover the history of York over the centuries, its artefacts and treasures. The Minster […]

IMG_2357.JPG October 19

Visit York’s Chocolate Story

The York Chocolate Story is a mixture of guided tour and demonstration. You even get to make your own chocolate lolly – adults too! The guide we had was passionate about giving the customers a good experience and delivered the tour with wit and humour. This is a perfect thing to do if you have […]

IMG_2340.JPG October 19

Have breakfast at the Hotel Du Vin in York

This breakfast is worth a feature all of its own. Uniquely these days the cooked breakfast is made to order and not buffet style. The menu has the traditional cooked breakfast but also some healthier options. There is also a continental buffet table containing cereals, fruit juices and pastries. This breakfast is excellent.

IMG_2215.JPG October 19

Stay at The Hotel Du Vin in York

Hotel Du Vin is a luxury hotel about ten minutes walk from the centre of York and around five minutes walk from the city walls. The hotel is ‘wine themed’ with a fine restaurant and regular wine tastings. We stayed here this weekend to feature places in York with Visit York. At night the hotel […]

IMG_2333.PNG October 19

Download the iYork App and have the entire of York offline on your phone

Download the iYork App and have the entire city on your phone. The app is completely off line due to the somewhat poor data signal in York. There is every shop in York and restaurant listed on this App including around 4000 menus. Download it and please comment to tell us how you got on.

IMG_2274.JPG October 18

Admire the view on the top of Clifford’s Tower in York

Treat yourself to the best views in York – climb Clifford’s Tower or tackle the steps at the Minster, the views are breathtaking. Or ride the York Wheel boasting magnificent views of the city, entrance through the gardens of the Royal York hotel. Discover York for the first time in 2014 – visit http://www.visityork.org and […]

IMG_2291.JPG October 18

Take a ride at York’s Jorvik Viking Centre

The world famous JORVIK Viking Centre is a ‘must-see’ for visitors to the city of York and is one of the most popular visitor attractions in the UK. Discover York for the first time in 2014 – visit http://www.visityork.org and book your accommodation with Visit York for an exclusive 20% discount off a 3 day […]

IMG_2249.JPG October 18

Dine at The Blue Bicycle restaurant in York

For lunch we booked a table at the Blue Bicycle restaurant. This restaurant is in a quiet area of York but only about a five minutes walk from the main centre. Here are five things about the blue bicycle restaurant. Very friendly staff. We were made to feel so welcome from beginning to end. The […]

IMG_2252.JPG October 18

Buy the York Pass – the best way to see Yorks things to do

The York Pass – Once purchased the York Pass offers you a choice of free entry into over twenty five York attractions and tours as well as restaurant and shopping offers. You can buy a 1, 2 or 3 day pass making it a superb addition to your leisure break. To buy a Pass Tel […]

IMG_2218.JPG October 18

Walk the walls in York

Circumnavigate the city as you walk around York’s famous medieval walls, the longest in England – the best way to get your bearings.

IMG_2168-0.JPG October 17

Sit up in the balcony at Vecchia Roma Italian restaurant on Bridge Road near Hampton Court

Vecchia Roma is an Italian restaurant about 5 minutes walk from Hampton Court Palace. It has been established in Bridge road for many years. The food is very good quality with a set menu that is reasonably priced. On the menu you will find such delights as King Prawns in Garlic butter and calves liver. […]

IMG_2185.JPG October 17

Have a pint and experience history in the Coronation Hall in Surbiton

Yesterday we went to the Coronation Hall in Surbiton. This is now a Weather spoons public house but has a massive history behind it. It used to be a cinema and then a bingo hall. Away from the massive selection of ales you can spend ages looking at the film memorabilia on the walls and […]

IMG_2176.JPG October 17

Drink a Firecracker Cocktail with Royal China on Bonfire night

Explode this Bonfire Night with a Firecracker Cocktail at Royal China Royal China has launched an explosive new cocktail for Bonfire Night which is guaranteed to send temperatures rising on 5 November 2014. East meets West with the Firecracker cocktail, a spicy infusion of rum, coriander, fresh red chillies and mango juice, topped with ice-cold […]

IMG_2162.JPG October 17

Spend fifteen minutes doing something you don’t want to do

If you have a job that you need to do today but have been putting it off then do this. Just spend fifteen minutes on it and you will be amazed how much you get done. In most cases if it is a thing like dusting or washing up you will probably have finished the […]

IMG_2159-0.JPG October 17

Drink a pint of real ale complimented with a bag of crisps.

This old school treat never fails. Go to your local pub and enjoy. Think of the how many beer and flavoured crisp combinations you can choose from.

IMAGE_126 October 16


IN JUST TWO HOURS FRANCES SEGELMAN SCULPTED THE HEAD OF SIR DEREK JACOBI LIVE AT THE LONDON FILM MUSEUM I had the privilege to be part of a VIP audience to see the Royal sculptor, Frances Segelman sculpt the head of the English actor and stage director Sir Derek Jacobi. The event was held in […]

IMG_0887 October 16

Fine Dine at Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot takes place this year between 17th June and 21st June and is one of the major highlights of the UK horse racing calendar. Last Saturday I travelled to Ascot by invitation to sample a fine dining taster menu that people will be enjoying at Royal Ascot this summer. There was of course a […]

IMG_2158-0.PNG October 16

Download the Dice app and book Gigs without any fees

Dice is a unique app that allows you to choose Gigs to go to in the London area. Dice is a beautiful app that is stylish, simple and a dream to use. The main advantage is that you do not need to pay any booking fees. The price that you see on the screen is […]


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