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September 14

Why Everyone Wants To Build A Website

There’s a lot the internet can do for you. If you’re a business, it’s where your marketing will bring in the most exposure and customer input. If you’re an influencer, it’s the cornerstone of your brand, and you wouldn’t have a job without it. And if you’re just someone who likes to casually surf, it’s […]

August 16

5 Ways To Keep Your Small Business Safe Online

(image) It will be of little surprise to you when we say your business isn’t safe. There have been external threats to businesses large and small, with hackers keen to grab customer information, steal money, and blackmail both new and experienced business owners. The consequences for your business are many. A data breach can both […]

October 13

Use the Fiverr app to get inspired

Fiverr is a website and app which is an online market place where people offer to do little jobs for you. Each job is 5 dollars. There is also a UK version called fivesquids. The best thing to do is to have a look yourself and see what you find.

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