Tesco’s Poppy Appeal Fundraising: £3.1 Million Raised, London Store Volunteers, Round-Up Donations, Veteran Employment, Armed Forces Support

“Tesco’s Poppy Appeal support shines with London volunteers, generous customer donations, a commitment to veteran employment, and a legacy of raising millions for the Armed Forces community.”
  1. Generous Donations: Tesco customers contributed to raising £3.1 million for the Poppy Appeal last year, showing remarkable support for the Royal British Legion and Poppyscotland.
  2. Volunteer Presence: From 25th October to 12th November, charity volunteers will be present in Tesco stores across London, encouraging customers to donate and wear poppies to show their support for the Armed Forces community.
  3. Innovative Fundraising: Tesco offers an option to round up purchases to the nearest pound at self-service tills, which last year alone added over £135,000 to the Poppy Appeal fund.
  4. Tesco’s Military Heritage: The UK’s largest retailer has deep roots with the Armed Forces, dating back to its founder Jack Cohen’s post-service entrepreneurial beginnings, and continues this legacy by being a major employer of veterans.
  5. Support Beyond Funding: The funds raised through Tesco’s customer donations aid the Royal British Legion in providing comprehensive support to servicemen and women and their families, from recovery programs to financial and housing assistance.