June 29


“Discover Marble Arch: John Nash Returns for Historical Walks, Free Character-led Tours, and Special Access for Reduced Mobility”

  1. Free character-led tours: The Marble Arch London BID has launched a series of free character-led tours of Marble Arch in London. These tours are led by an iconic architect named John Nash and offer visitors a unique and immersive experience.
  2. Exploring history and landmarks: The Discover Marble Arch tours provide an opportunity to delve into the fascinating history of the Grade II listed monument. Participants will also discover the area’s association with royal processions, free speech, and protests. The walks cover significant landmarks like the site of the Tyburn tree and Speakers’ Corner.
  3. Duration and schedule: The tours begin at the Marble Arch monument and last for approximately one hour. They are scheduled to run from 18 July to 19 August, giving visitors ample time to participate. Additional dates have been added in July to accommodate more people.
  4. Part of Westminster City Council’s Inside Out program: The character-led tours are part of Westminster City Council’s Inside Out program. This program aims to showcase various cultural and artistic events across Central London, including live performances, exhibitions, sculpture trails, walking tours, installations, and pop-up activities.
  5. Special access tours for reduced mobility: As part of the program, special access walks are planned on specific dates to cater to individuals with reduced mobility. These tours will be step-free and shorter in duration, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the experience of exploring Marble Arch’s history and landmarks.

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