5 things about Copacabana: Brazilian Beach Vibes at The Bloomsbury Ballroom by The London Cabaret Club

  1. “Copacabana” at The Bloomsbury Ballroom: Experience the hottest party in town as The London Cabaret Club presents “Copacabana,” a brand-new production filled with Brazilian beach vibes.
  2. Three Acts, Three Concepts: This immersive show takes you on a journey through three distinctive acts. Start on the sun-drenched shores of Rio de Janeiro during carnival season, then venture into the world-renowned New York City nightclub scene of the iconic “Copacabana.” Finally, meet Lola the Showgirl, immortalized in Barry Manilow’s famous theme song.
  3. Dazzling Performances and Music: Prepare to be captivated by spectacular dancers adorned in vivid feather costumes, cha-cha-ing and merengue-ing amongst palm trees. The show features a diverse range of music, from the Copacabana musical to Brazilian classics made famous by Carmen Miranda and Barry Manilow himself.
  4. Beach Terrace and Brazilian Menu: Before the show, guests can enjoy tropical cocktails on the newly opened outdoor beach terrace. A unique Brazilian menu will be served during the performance, perfectly complementing the vibrant atmosphere.
  5. A Night to Remember: Join Lola and the showgirls for an extravagant night that promises to be a truly spectacular summer celebration. Dance the night away and create memories that will last a lifetime.