Charlotte Church’s Dreaming retreat in Wales now open to guests


Charlotte Church’s dream has become a reality with the opening of The Dreaming retreat in Wales. Located in the picturesque Elan Valley, The Dreaming is a wellness retreat that offers an escape from modern-day life and reconnects guests with nature, themselves, and their journeys. The retreat offers a unique and nourishing menu of activities that are in line with the seasons. From short residential retreats to longer retreats with specialist practitioners, The Dreaming has something for everyone.


The Dreaming is a former Laura Ashley property that has been transformed into a stunning wellness retreat that works in harmony with nature. The property boasts an abundance of natural beauty, including waterfalls, rocks, and caves.


Guests can participate in a variety of wellness activities during their stay, including yoga, sound healing ceremonies, foraging, and more. All rooms have ensuite facilities, and three meals a day are provided in the equally stunning refectory.


One of the founding principles of The Dreaming is economic equity, and prices start at just £450 for three nights, including all meals and activities. Additionally, The Dreaming offers a “pay what you can” space on every three-day retreat, making it accessible to people of all means.


Charlotte Church said that The Dreaming has completely changed her life, and she hopes that it can help guests change their lives too, even if it’s just in small ways. With its unique offerings and stunning natural surroundings, The Dreaming is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for an escape from the complexity of modern life.